B.J. Vogt Humanly Occurring

B.J. Vogt Humanly Occurring April 2nd

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The Pedestrian Project is dedicated to public art in the city. Artists are asked to step outside of the white box to create an artwork for the audience that’s on the go. Taking advantage of the storefront window this year’s Pedestrian Project artist is B.J. Vogt.  Vogt will create several durational installations that mimic naturally dynamic landforms and systems.

“And yet, while bone allowed the complexification of the animal phylum to which we, as vertebrates, belong, it never forgot its mineral origins: it is the living material which most easily petrifies, that most readily crosses the threshold back into the world of rocks. (…) human populations began mineralizing again when they developed an urban exoskeleton: bricks of sun-dried clay became the building materials for their homes, which in turn surrounded and were surrounded by stone monuments and defensive walls.” - Manuel Da Landa, A Thousand Years of Non-Linear History

Please join us for an opening reception on April 2nd from 6:30pm – 10:00pm

For more information about B.J. Vogt please visit- http://bjvogt.blogspot.com/

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