Bad Moon Rising 3



The traveling group exhibition Bad Moon Rising exposes some of the dark sides of the world’s self-proclaimed greatest nation: the United States of America. With the election of a new President in November 2008, people are optimistic about the future of the USA’s national and international politics, economy and warfare. Nevertheless, the country’s continual increase in unemployment, poverty, the financial downfall, expensive and unreliable health care, equal rights and overprized education are problems that are yet to be resolved. Although the mantra-esque “Yes, We Can” encourages us to believe in a better future, we cannot start dreaming. Offensive, annoying, naughty and whimsical, Bad Moon Rising 3 helps to reminds us of some of the most disturbing facts of the USA’s past and present. Through a selection of artworks, artifacts and a-historical references, major themes such as politics, religion, society, family, war and the media are disturbingly portrayed, casting a dark shadow over the USA’s promised ideologies of freedom and prosperity. (JVW)

Featuring work by:

Vanessa Albury & Marthe Fortun / Tariq Ali / Julieta Aranda / Yossi Atia & Itamar Rose / Claire Beckett / Brice Bischoff / Zee Boudreaux / Irma Cannavo / Lori Cheatle & Daisy Wright / Brian Conley / Meg Cranston / Custer’s Revenge / Alain Declercq / Messieurs Delmotte / Blue Firth / Lonnie Frisbee & David di Sabatino / Tony Garifalakis / Daniel Goodwin / Deva Graf / Simon Gush / Hamza Halloubi / George Hennard / Jason Kalogiros / Paulus Kapteyn / Richard Kern / Ragnar Kjartansson / Wonder Koch / David Matorin / Christina McPhee / NECK FACE / Dustin Michael Pevey / Job Piston / Luther Price / Rage Against the Machine / Max Razdow / Ruth Sacks / Yoji Sakate / Joaquin Segura / Ben Shaffer / Elin O’Hara Slavick / Ginger Wolfe-Suarez & Jeanne Moen Wolfe / The Weather Underground / Philippe Vandenberg / Ben Vautier / Pete Watts / Jackson Webb / Lee Ranaldo / Joe Heaps Nelson / Greggory Bradford / Travis Sommerville / Frederico Nessi


Jessica Silverman and Jan Van Woensel

Assistant Curator:

Kara Smith