On June 19th Boots Contemporary Art Space will be the next hot spot for the art collective, Bazuco. This exhibition will include a storefront headquarters filled with T-shirts, skateboards, zines, posters and stickers from the American Flags collection, Professor Bazuco’s latest book, CDs and singles by Juan-ex-Band, DrumKit, Nofuturo and Los Famosos. Plus a special release of a limited edition vinyl single by the band Drumkit, both for sale and visual delight. Behind this storefront, a continuous rotation of video projections featuring live shows by Bazuco Bands, clips from the BZC TV web show and video commercials. Opening night will feature a double shot of Bazuco live music: American band DrumKit will bring their casual pop-punk style while the Colombian Latin mash-up duo DEAD DRUGLORDS will finish the party with their narcotic ensemble. Dead Druglords is a one-night party/event involving a dj set, Latin mash-up and live performers with a visual and interactive show. The presentation develops a narco-aesthetic language, heavily influenced by the imaginary of the Latin drug lords of the 80s and 90s in the USA. Visiting dead drug lords Pablo Acosta and Amado Carrillo Fuentes will dance from the dead while an airplane piñata waits to be smashed down by the St. Louis crowd. Live video projections of animated sequences and DJ sets of Salsa and Reggaeton-mashups will entertain and engage the public.

About Bazuco

Bazuco started in Bogotá, Colombia in 2005, as a response to a lethargic art scene full of victimization and false folklore. Aware of a cultural trend based on the business of selling “exotic” and misery-based images by the South to the North, and realizing how this “cultural tourism” was only a reformulation of third world subordinates and neo-nationalism, artist Juan Obando and designers Juan Rios and Juan Ospina decided to “flip the coin” and present their work under the ultimate icon of first-world domination: a Media Company. Deterritorialized, ubiquitous and free, Bazuco has ventured into fashion, radio, prints, music, and video production, creating a variety of live and web shows. These products speak clearly to and about a new hybrid, deterritorialized generation defined by consumption and commercialism. After being selected for Colombia’s “Salon Nacional de Artistas” in 2008-2009, Bazuco now tours the US in hopes of putting its flag on the land of the free.