Holiness: in 3 parts Theaster Gates

photo by: Sara Pooley

Theaster Gates

September 18 — October 16, 2009

Friday, September 18th
6:30 – 10pm

Sculptor and Performance Artist, Theaster Gates works with the sacred city found just below its forgotten and often abandoned exterior. With parts of old buildings and visions of grand rehab projects, Gates, a believer in the possibility of place, begins to release some of the resonate beauty of the city’s under belly in a way that is both contemplative and frenetic.

Holiness: In 3 Parts, a solo exhibition at Boots will give Theaster an opportunity to work through ideas surrounding the psychic space of the back yard. On opening night, with help from his performance ensemble, The Black Monks of Mississippi, Gates will bring charismatic structures of the black church into brief conversation with the formalities of City Planning Policy.

“Holiness in three parts could be thought of in the following way:Heaven, Hood and the City- using sculptural objects made from things in my backyard, we will move between these three loosely prescribed categories. With “The City” representing hell and the hood being somewhere between paradise and the underworld, I hope to consider three different presentation formats, in three different parts of the space in what would appear to be a joseph beuys styled performance that uses the black religious form to deliver thoughts on new urbanism, slave labor via the embodiment of Dave the slave potter and the history of the racialized body through performance. Holiness in three parts is literally a trinity of confusion and urban rumination. Lots of stones will be left unturned, but those turned will get a good shining” – Theaster Gates

Performance will begin at 7:42 and last till 8:53

Part 1: The Westside Piece (Front Space) – 7:42- 7:52
Theaster and possibly Orron Kenyatta -poet)

Part 2: The Glorious Picnic (Front of the back) – 7:52- 8:40 (Black Monks of Mississippi)

Part 3: Stairwell to heaven and Other things from my backyard (Back of the back Space) -8:40-8:53 (Monastic Funk Band)