i.e. – 7th Annual Midwestern Assorted Produce Snuff Shorts Film Triennial

Here they are once again for their very first 7th Annual Midwestern Assorted Produce Snuff Shorts Film Triennial, a video and performance exhibition that includes no films. Opening reception: Friday November 6th 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm.


artist: Benjamin Bellas, Clinton King, Noelle Mason, Magda Wong, Justin Cooper and Ross Moreno

Click on video to view Ross Moreno & Justin Cooper opening night performances.

i.e. member Ross Moreno will be performing at the opening reception. Come witness butoh 2.0 performance artist Ross Moreno in his attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the “Most Balloon Animals Twisted in One Hour.” Ross Moreno is well known in the record breaking community for his unsuccessful attempts at breaking the record for “The World’s Tallest Towerof Dice” and ”The World’s Largest Candy Heart.” Ross Moreno currently holds fifth degree black belt in balloon twisting, having successfully passed the certification quiz at both the International House of Pancakes and the Olive Garden.

about i.e.

i.e. is a loose collection of artists hailing from locales as varied as New York, Tampa Bay, Chicago, and Hong Kong.  Having formed the group in 2004, the 6 artists involved maintain uneasy and provocative  relationships, collaborative and otherwise, via regular exhibitions around the nation and world.

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