The Politics of Friendship


Our inaugural exhibition speaks to the formation and structure of Boots and other artist-run-spaces and embraces Boots’ mission of bringing national and international art and artists to St. Louis and providing an uninhibited “art-lab” environment for artists to experiment and exhibit.

Exhibiting artists:

Juozas Cernius • Juan William Chávez • Isil Egrikavuk • Beate Engl • Rosalynn Gingerich • Georgia Kotretsos • Jon Peck • Bryan Reckamp • Tim Ridlen

JC joe skull open

Juozas Cernius 

JWCjuan image

Juan William Chávez

ie detail isile translation

Isil Egrikavuk

be outside and inside

Beate Engl 

RG detail rossinle

Rosalynn Gingerich

GK georgia image

Georgia Kotretsos

gk georgia words 2 detail

Georgia Kotretsos


Jon Peck

JP detail of jon's shoes

Jon Peck


Bryan Reckamp

TR RidleT03

Tim Ridlen