Whoop Dee Doo: Beating Dead Horses


February 9th – March 3rd, 2007

A traveling exhibition of Kansas City artists. Curated by Jon Peck and Jaimie Warren.


Boots Contemporary Art Space is proud to bring together a collection of young artists working on the very forefront of exciting and energizing contemporary art, curated by Boots agent Jon Peck. This show originated in Miami with the works of 22 Kansas City artists, co-curated by artist Jaimie Warren. In Miami, the exhibition was installed in a salon like fashion with works hanging on walls and displayed on pedestals. Several months later it returned to Kansas City where curator Jaimie Warren took an innovative approach to re-presenting the exhibition to a broader audience. The gallery was used as a stage and the artworks articulated the set. Throughout the night people of all ages we entertained by performances and spectacles that varied dramatically, but were tied together by their high levels of energy and seemingly wholesome and innocent spirit. With help from local artists Chloe Schempf, Jori Sackin and Matt Roche “Whoop Dee Doo” has become a monthly performance extravaganza featuring various performances and skits from a wide range of participants. The eccentric stages are modeled after late-night shows like “Chic a-go-go,” “American Bandstand” and “Soul Train.” The performances, which seek to connect a wide range of people, draw from informed and spontaneous participants to create a natural sense of both awkwardness and accessibility. The event includes a live taping with audience participation welcome. “Whoop Dee Doo; Beating Dead Horses” presents the vitality and creativity of this amazing city and it’s artists through a combination exhibition and overview of the transformations that have taken place since the show’s inception. There will be works on view by many of the artists that were involved in the initial exhibition as well as a screening of the first ever Whoop Dee Doo TV Show! So come on down St. Louis!

Works and contributions by: 

Lindsay Barras • Chris Bell • Marcus Cain • Juan William Chávez • Michael Converse • Cody Critcheloe • Rebecca Dolan • Ariadne Fish • Kelly Gazlay • Rachel Helm • Seth Johnson • Lisa Kettlewell • Matthew Krawcheck Michael Krueger • Hesse Mcgraw • Leone Anne Reeves • Sean Ward • Jaimie Warren • Aaron Wrinkle • Naoko Wowsugi • Lynus Young • Erin Zona • Jen and the Rockers • Late Night Theatre • Witch and Hare • Street Jizz • Rah Booty • Little Indian Boy • Alex Penney • Iggy Romeaux • House of T.I.N.A. • Megan Goddard • Andy Maugh • Beefy Farrar • Callyanne Casteel • David Wayne Reed • Shannon Michalski • Ashley Miller • Laura Frank • Michael Restivo • Matt Roche • Amy Hastings • Audrey Badgerow • Drew Bolton • Peggy Noland • Rita Brinkerhoff • Chris Beer • Emily Sall • Jori Sackin • Chloe Schempf • Dustin Buck • Zach Van Benthusen • Roy Carter • Maranda Stebbins • Miles Neidinger • Jared Panick • Jonathan Peck • Megan Mantia • Ariel Hart • Garret Fuselier • Mary Nichols • Anna Zimmerman • Kyle Devine • Lauren Travers • Karl Freitag • Willy Runyon, Jr. • Ascot Smith • Brandon Loyd • Anne Pearce • Nora Goddard • Mark Walker • Chadwick Brooks • Spencer Brown • Madeline Farrell • Julie Potratz • David LeFebvre • Andrew Julo • Tex Jernigan • Erin Daugherty